Incremental Encoders
- with own bearings
- without own bearings
Sine Encoders
Sine Encoders with the LowHarmonics technology which produces negligable harmonic content in the sinewave signals.
Absolute Encoders
- Singleturn
- Multiturn
- counting procedure without gearbox/battery
- Interface: SSI, PROFIBUS DP or CANopen
Ferraris Acceleration Sensors
Acceleration sensors based on the Ferraris principle for rotary and linear drives
- DC tachogenerators
- tachometers
Speed Switches
- mechanical
- electronic
- digital
- programmable
- Tachos
- Encoders
- Overspeed Switches
Explosion Proof Devices
Explosion Proof Devices according to ATEX 95
- mechanical (couplings, cable...)
- electronic (converters, interpolators...)