Robust encoders with design benefits for ultimate connection flexibility

- Double-sided mounting for high loads

- Dual protected electronics

- Insulated steel shaft for protection against shaft currents

- High performance line driver for optimal signal quality

- Ultimate connection flexibility



Tough environments demand the most of the deployed encoders and call for optimum protection - not only during operation but already when being installed, for example to provide motor or generator feedback in wind power stations or in applications in the paper and metal industry. Besides proven hollow shaft designs, the user focus is more and more on enhanced connection flexibility to always be on the safe side, even under tough ambient conditions that are hostile to technology.


The all-encompassing Baumer encoder portfolio meets also these demands by the robust HOG-86 encoder family with multiple connection options for eased and straightforward installation in harsh environments. The hollow shaft encoders with IP66 protection endure ambient temperatures from +100°C down to -40°C, provide certified ex-protection compliant to II G/D 3 and optionally come with cable output, radial connector output or terminal box which is rotatable...


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